What problem does Agile Marketing Attribution solve?

Agile Marketing Attribution was built to address the problems we saw while building startups that operate across Google, YouTube, Amazon, DV360, The Trade Desk, and other major digital platforms. Siloed data is a costly problem marketers face, obstructing their path to understanding the impact of their marketing dollars.

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Deduplicate ROAS Claims

Platforms like Facebook and Google will each tell you their estimated return on ad spend. Unfortunately, each platform frequently overstates the credit they deserve for each customer that viewed one of your ads on their platform.
Agile Marketing Attribution de-duplicates these claims and tells you the true, incremental, benefit of each ad dollar you spent.

Provide a Faster, More Affordable Solution

For years, media mix modeling (MMM) has been one of the few approaches to take a fully integrated view of your spending across channels. MMM unfortunately can take months to deliver initial findings and many more months to update those findings. MMM also costs well into the six figures. By leveraging real-time data, benchmarks, and machine learning, we can deliver equally powerful insights in days at a fraction of the cost.

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Deliver Actionable, Impactful Insights

Lack of powerful insights is often due to data being presented in a way that’s not digestible. We solve this problem by delivering highly visual, easily consumed recommendations that the entire organization can all align around and act on.

Paul Boruta

CEO & Founder

“Agile Marketing Attribution solves marketing’s thorniest problem, quickly and efficiently delivering insights into which advertising platforms and tactics are really driving incremental benefit for your business.”

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