Predictive Marketing Mix

Know What You Should Do Next

We answer the tough questions

Predictive Marketing Mix goes beyond standard marketing analytics, which answers the question: what happened?
We answer the tougher, more important question: what should you do next?
With our Predictive Marketing Mix solution, we’ll predict an optimal marketing mix that will provide you the highest incremental return on your investment.

By applying a forward-looking lens to cross-channel marketing decisions, we’ll translate complex analyses into straight-forward and actionable recommendations, enabling marketers to achieve a maximum return on investment with an optimal mix.

See Things Holistically with a Unified View

Like Agile Marketing Attribution, Predictive Marketing Mix starts by integrating all your marketing data into a light-touch, unified digital marketing warehouse. For clients that don’t yet have a data warehouse, we’ll pull data from each of your marketing platforms into a Google Cloud BigQuery Data Warehouse using a mix of platforms’ API’s, partner API connectors and Slingwave proprietary API connectors. We’ll then apply our proprietary Codebreaker technology to ensure that performance data sets (like conversions, revenue, ad spend, offline actions, and more) from each platform are structured in an apples-to-apples format, consolidated and ready for analysis.

unified view of data channels

We Go Beyond Channel-Driven Spend Allocations

A simplistic prediction that recommends spending $X on one platform (like Facebook) and $Y on another (like Google), isn’t enough for most marketers to achieve their peak return on ad spend. So we go a step further. Once we determine optimal media mix across platforms, we identify optimal allocation amongst the various asset classes (shown below) within each platform.

Asset Classes:

what you should spend more on

Predictive Modeling

Slingwave’s approach to predictive modeling combines our team’s data science expertise with machine learning, applying analytics to a robust base of data, predicting optimal marketing mix across digital channels, then continually testing, iterating, and enhancing those predictions.

machine learning prediction data science
machine learning applying analytics

What problem do we solve?

Predictive Marketing Mix was built to take marketers from a basic understanding of how campaigns performed to a sophisticated understanding of what actions to take next, delivered in a clear, timely, and actionable manner:

which investment should i make next

Going from What Happened to What’s Next

Most marketers struggle to get an accurate grasp on the impact of their past campaigns. And yet, the more important problem is getting a handle on what to do next. Our PMM solution answers pressing questions, like “what media mix” or “which creative investment” or “which geographic focus” will drive the most incremental business outcomes, ranging from new customers acquired to more products sold.

prediction of spend data

Making the Complex Simple and Actionable

The science behind optimal media mix prediction is complicated. But our PMM solution makes the implications of data science easy to understand. We deliver recommendations in clear, visual dashboards that the entire organization rallies around and acts on when planning the next campaign.

api based marketing reminder data

Staying up-to-date

Our PMM solves the problem of media mix models (MMM). Unlike MMMs, which can take a full year to update, PMM’s API-based ingestion of marketing data and machine learning deliver recommendations in near real-time, allowing you to continually optimize your next campaign decisions.

What you get when you work with us

Predictive Marketing Mix delivers a report that takes Agile Marketing Attribution to the next level:

Predictive Marketing Mix Dashboard

The Predictive Marketing Mix dashboard extends the Agile Marketing Attribution dashboard, providing clear recommendations on increased and decreased spend by channel, along with a prediction of the resulting impact on incremental ROAS.

add on predictive marketing mix data

Core Dashboards

We also provide a core set of dashboards in each clients’ preferred BI format (Google Data Studio, Tableau, and others) and preferred end points (via a portal login, emailed reports, or other means) that report on campaign performance by:


Understand which of your products yield
the highest ROAS

product yield highest roas


Determine which demographic or segment is converting most cost effectively

demographic segment converting most cost effectively


Leverage real-time insights into which regions merit increased or decreased investment

real-time insights geography


See a side-by-side comparison of performance by various formats and messages

product creative side comparison performance formats messages

Channel and Tactic

Gain insight into whether Google, Facebook, Amazon or another platform is driving the best return

Channel and Tactic insight Google Facebook Amazon

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