Agile Marketing Attribution

Leverage real-time insights to maximize your incremental ROAS

Understand incrementality in real-time

Get real-time insights into which advertising platforms and tactics are driving the most incremental benefit for your business.

Get a Unified View of Your Marketing

We integrate all your marketing data into a light-touch marketing data warehouse. For clients who don’t yet have a marketing data warehouse, we’ll pull data from each of your marketing platforms like Facebook, Google or Amazon into a data warehouse using a mix of platform APIs and connectors with Slingwave’s proprietary API connectors. We’ll then apply our proprietary Codebreaker technology to ensure that performance data like conversions, revenue, ad spend, and more from each platform are structured apples-to-apples.

conversions revenue ad spend api

See Things Through an Incremental Lens

Once all of your platforms’ data is integrated in one place, we adjust each channel’s claimed Return on Ad Spend translating it into Incremental ROAS. These adjustments are driven by a proprietary, benchmarks-based model, developed over hundreds of client engagements.

campaign data applying benchmarks roas

Benefit from Ongoing Updates

After we deliver your initial Agile Marketing Attribution insights, your dashboard is constantly updated with APIs pulling in your revised campaign data and applying benchmarks and transformations to identify up-to-date Incremental ROAS by platform. Benchmarks are based on structured media tests, changes in your media mix and spend levels, and the addition of new platforms. You’ll also benefit from benchmarks we aggregate on an anonymized basis from a wide range of clients.

Return on Ad Spend Incremental ROAS

What problem do we solve?

We heard our clients’ struggles. And we fine-tuned our approach to counter walled gardens and siloed worlds.

What will you get when you work with us?

Slingwave’s Agile Marketing Attribution delivers a holistic, cross-channel, and always-on view into which ad dollars drive the most incremental return on your ad spend.

Light-touch Marketing Data Warehouse

We integrate your campaign data from a wide variety of sources.

Agile Marketing Attribution Dashboard

The core dashboard organizes information by platform (Facebook, Google, or Amazon) and by tactic (Social, Search, Shopping, Video/CT, or Display), and provides visual insights into what’s driving the most incremental value.

Portal Login and Multi End-Point Delivery

Your team members will each have a login to the Slingwave portal to proactively access all your reports. We also give you the option to receive reports at your selected cadence, format (PDF, Google Data Studio or Tableau dashboards), and end-point (email or Slack).

Answer tough questions with visualized insights and customized dashboards.

These Five Core Dashboards are included with Slingwave’s Media Execution offering, or can be provided as add-ons to Agile Marketing Attribution and Predictive Marketing Mix


Understand which of your products yield
the highest ROAS

product yield highest roas


Determine which demographic or segment is converting most cost effectively

demographic segment converting most cost effectively


Leverage real-time insights into which regions merit increased or decreased investment

real-time insights geography


See a side-by-side comparison of performance by various formats and messages

product creative side comparison performance formats messages

Channel and Tactic

Gain insight into whether Google, Facebook, Amazon or another platform is driving the best return

Channel and Tactic insight Google Facebook Amazon

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