Data-Driven Media Execution

Outperform with Smarter Optimization

Measurably improve your marketing campaigns

Slingwave’s Data-driven Media Execution applies codified best practices on day one, then analyzes campaign performance with machine learning to continuously optimize your campaigns, pushing your campaigns further up the performance curve and outperforming traditional approaches.

Lean on Our Expertise

Our team is led by advertising industry veterans, past executives at Facebook, ZEFR, and Yahoo! who built and sold a start-up designed to optimize media performance on Google’s advertising platforms. Our account management teams also bring a breadth of experience from established advertising agencies like Universal McCann and digital-first agencies like Onestop Internet.

We Maximize Machine Learning for Higher Performance

Leveraging Slingwave’s Agile Marketing Attribution solution and core modules, our account teams compare campaigns across channels on an apples-to-apples basis to uncover insights into ROAS, efficient reach, and more. With an unbiased and data-driven view across channels, our team optimizes campaign set-up, performance, and reallocations so your ad dollars are always working their hardest for you.

We Lead with Collaboration and Transparency

We don’t believe in the “big reveal” with the occasional quarterly review. We’ll meet with you on a frequent cadence, typically weekly, to provide full performance transparency. Your entire organization will have direct access to your performance data. To that end, we structure campaigns directly within our clients’ own advertising accounts on Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other platforms. We also have seats on major DSPs like DV360 and Amazon to execute media on our clients’ behalf.

What problem do we solve?

Go from Instincts to Insights

The pace of media execution requires marketers to leverage institutional knowledge, rules of thumb, and simplified performance reports. But challenges arise when these instincts and approaches aren’t tested and when learnings from previous campaigns aren’t incorporated into the next campaigns. Slingwave solves these problems. We translate our partners’ instincts into hypotheses that can be tested and validated, then codify learnings into repeatable playbooks that turn intuition into insights.

Deploy Up-to-the-Minute Best Practices

Marketers often lack time, and perhaps the expertise, to set up accounts and campaign structure according to the most recent best practices. Facebook and Google’s algorithms and rules around data are constantly changing, requiring campaigns to adapt in their structure in specific ways to deliver optimal performance. To address this problem, we kick off many relationships with a diagnostic assessment identifying high impact changes and structured tests to continually align campaigns with best practices.

Systematically Test New Platforms

Many companies lack the resources to experiment with newer platforms like Amazon, Twitch, and TikTok or with newer ad formats like :06 YouTube bumpers, Instagram Stories, or Dynamic HTML5 Programmatic Display. Others experiment with these new tactics without structured tests and results. We bring data-driven insights to answer the question of which platforms deserve increased investment based on performance and potential gain.

What you get when you work with us

Each of our engagements includes delivery of:

Core Reports

A core set of reporting tools that reads out media spend by platform, and additional KPIs specific to your needs like impressions, views, clicks, CPM, CPV, or CPC.

Core Dashboards

We also provide a core set of dashboards in each clients’ preferred BI format (Google Data Studio, Tableau, and others) and preferred end points (via a portal login, emailed reports, or other means) that report on campaign performance by:


Understand which of your products yield
the highest ROAS


Determine which demographic or segment is converting most cost effectively


See a side-by-side comparison of performance by various formats and messages


Leverage real-time insights into which regions merit increased or decreased investment

Channel and Tactic

Gain insight into whether Google, Facebook, Amazon or another platform is driving the best return

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