New Product Launches: 

Fall is in the air and we’re all ready to get back at it.  With that, I’m excited to announce Slingwave’s latest product launches as well as our new site and first official Product video.

The team at Slingwave has been working tirelessly to build a platform to help marketers solve the problem of managing a portfolio of marketing investments in a rapidly changing digital and consumer landscape.  In short, we’ve been building a platform that answers the question “How do I know if I’m spending my advertising budget optimally?”  With more brands and agencies leaning into marketing attribution and leveraging Slingwave’s platform, we are excited to share our story with a wider audience. 

It’s been over 4 years since I started building Slingwave, on the heels of selling my first startup, Pipewave, to ZEFR and helping expand that platform as their head of ad products. The world of digital marketing has become far more complicated since my early days running ad products at Yahoo!, especially in the past several years.  Digital has graduated from experimental budgets to the lifeblood of organizations, making data-driven management critical.  

At the same time several trends have made it harder and harder to confidently measure outcomes:

  1. Walled Gardens and the growth of Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon 
  2. Loss of Data Signal with the launch of iOS14 and the evolution to a cookieless world in support of consumer choice and privacy 
  3. Growth in emerging channels ranging from TikTok and Snapchat to connected TV, podcasting, and others 

In the face of these changes, marketers need a solution that integrates comprehensive, cross-channel data and delivers insights in real-time. Agility is everything.  

Thankfully, machine learning, data automation, and advanced analytics have come a long way as well.  These technologies are at the heart of our Slingwave platform and underpin a suite of products and services that make it possible for marketers to find and deploy their ideal marketing mix faster.

Agile Marketing Attribution delivers real-time insights into which advertising platforms and tactics are driving the most incremental benefit for our clients’ businesses.

Predictive Marketing Mix predicts an optimal marketing mix that provides clients the highest incremental return on their marketing investment.

Data-Driven Media Execution applies codified best practices on day one, then analyzes clients’ campaign performance with machine learning to continuously optimize results.

We’ve been excited to see these solutions deliver value for a rapidly growing set of clients and partners.  Our initial client base of close connections (leaders in ecommerce, CPG, entertainment, and agencies) has expanded to include hundreds of brands and millions of dollars in marketing investments.  We’re thrilled every time we’re able to address the needs of marketers and agencies as a technology platform and partner helping to navigate the ever-changing world of media and marketing.  Thanks to our customers, team, partners, and advisors, for making the growth of this idea and our company possible.  We look forward to the road ahead and many more updates to come. 

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