Google delays 3rd party cookie depreciation (again)

Google has delayed 3rd party cookie depreciation (again)

Don’t wait to prepare for the complete phase out of 3rd-party cookies. Reduce the impact of these changes by starting today. 

Slingwave Recommends:

1) Audit 3rd-party Cookie Usage: Start by understanding where you stand with 3rd-party cookies so you can plan how you will phase them out.

2) Transition to 1st-party Data & Analytics: With 3rd-party cookies on the way out, 1st-party data becomes the gold standard. Shift your focus towards collecting data directly from your audience & prepare your data for advanced analytics tools.

3) Embrace Privacy-First, Clean Room Data (e.g. Amazon Marketing Cloud, Google Ads Data Hub) 

4) Leverage Predictive Marketing Mix Models

5) Focus on Incrementality testing, leveraging validation tactics such as GeoExperiments

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